Rechargeable Vape Pen + Honey Oil cartridge


Rechargeable Vape Pen + Honey Oil cartridge

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Out of stock

Our Premier line of Honey Oil cartridge (0.5ml) THC and come in a variety of strains and flavours. These carts are perfect for beginners since you won’t get super ripped off a couple hits. It’s more of an all day vape that allows you to stay medicated without getting too high. Made with THC distillate and 100% natural terpenes and fruit flavorings.

Candelivery rechargeable Vape Pen is compact and has a chargeable port to provide quick charging time of 1-2 hours. It’s ceramic Atomizer and  Stable design provides good performance for THC and CBD oils.

This reusable vape pen, does not come with cartridge (cartridge sold separately)

-Bottom Micro-USB port for charging. No more Battery capacity problem at all.


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