V12 Mini Twisty Blunt Bubbler Kit

V12 Mini Twisty Blunt Bubbler Kit

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In stock

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Blunt Rolling Will never be Difficult again with the V12 Twisty Mini Glass Blunt. Now, the super portable mini twisty blunt comes with a bubbler kit!!

New designs, the glass bubbler adapter can be unscrew, easy to clean. Comes with a premium 2mm thick glass that is ready to give you a clean pull every time. No sticky, easy to use. With a lighter ignition. Huge Vapor with a good taste. Easily pack up 1.5 grams of anything you want in the glass tube and twist the screw counter-clockwise into the tube. It makes rolling obsolete.

How to use:

Pack up to 1.5 grams of whatever you want into the glass tube and spin the screw counter-clockwise into the tube. To ash your contents, simply spin the screw clockwise and the contents will get pushed out the glass.

Package Included: 1 X V12 Mini Twisty Blunt 1 X Silicone Cap 1 X 510 Thread Glass Mouthpiece 1 X Bubbler Connector 1 X Glass Bubbler 1 X Glass Tube 1 X Cleaning Brush

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 5 cm


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