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What is Canada Waiting On?

The topic of discussion of the legalization of marijuana in Canada has been circulating for quite a bit of time now. Is it going to happen this summer or not? The Liberal government has been pushing to legalize marijuana while PC believes that the law should not be pass until proper research has been performed.

What isn’t up for discussion is the aspect of public safety. It remains paramount for all involved especially when it comes to protecting youth –  which means strict regulations on how cannabis can be marketed once the green rush begins.

“This is where they’re considering no celebrities, no endorsements, none of that thing because it glamorizes the consumption.”

Other ads rave they will find a consumer the best marijuana brands, products designed by women for women or ways people can spend their tax refund.

Any promotions that would spur on excitement or daring behaviours on this side of the border are banned by federal regulations and there is a long list to eliminate marketing of weed from becoming the wild west.

One area that remains a little hazy when it comes to our Canadian cash crop being legalized is how the internet will be enforced when it comes to these ads. At the moment cannabis related are not allowed to be promoted on Google ad words, Kijiji, and any paid for advertisement.

Health Canada will actively monitor the activities of licensed producers to see if they’re breaking any rules.

If a licensed producer is suspected to be in contravention the federal advertising prohibitions, officials say an investigation would be launched  and appropriate action would be taken.


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